CBA & NTK is one of Israel's largest and most influential commercial law firms, consistently ranked by Israeli and international rating guides as a leading law firm in a wide range of legal fields.


The firm's legal services are constantly expanding alongside the firm's versatile clientele, who are situated at the commercial heart of the Israeli economy. This growth allows the firm to act as a "one-stop-shop" in many areas of commercial and civil law, including fields that supplement our ongoing commercial activities. Our activity in these areas is constantly adapting adjacent to our clients activities and in accordance to our clients' needs, enabling us to provide them with overall comprehensive, efficient, and professional services.

CBA & NTK  is led by some of the most senior lawyers in the country, who have been recognized for years as leading lawyers in the Israeli legal practice in a variety of fields, amongst others, serving as chairman’s of professional committees of the Israel Bar Association and as lecturers in many academic institutions, conferences and training seminars.

The firm's activity is carried out by professional groups comprised of skilled and professional personnel with many years of experience in a wide range of fields, led by partners endowed with vision and years of experience in their fields of expertise.

The firm provides its clients a personal, respectful, professional, impeccable, loyal, efficient and creative treatment.

The firm provides legal services to variable entities spanning the full spectrum of Israel's commercial and public sectors: amongst other, private companies, publicly traded companies, holding companies, technology and telecommunications companies; entrepreneurs and contractors; the largest and most influential state bodies, publicly-owned companies and municipalities in the country, as well as other  major public bodies, capital groups and foreign companies.

CBA & NTK is proud to take part in accompanying and representing a significant portion of Israel's leading businesses, including amongst others, leading significant and large-scale  processes and projects in the Israeli economy including financial processes in the capital market; some of the  largest infrastructure, planning and construction projects carried out in Israel; groundbreaking and high-value litigation cases; and complex M & A transactions.

As one of the largest and most influential law firms in Israel, the firm's partners have an extensive network of business and professional relationships and are in close contact with fellow law firms and external legal counsels in Israel and abroad, as well as businessmen and venture capital funds.

In addition, in light of the wide range of international activities in which the firm's clientele are involved, a U.S based branch of the law firm has been operating for many years, complementing the legal services provided in Israel specializing in foreign law issues, maintaining close relationships with different business entities and  U.S. governmental bodies.