Administrative law

CBA law firm is one of Israel's leading firms in the field of administrative law and is considered an industry-leader in providing legal representation and ongoing counsel to government ministries and agencies, public companies, and municipalities.

The firm’s administrative law department consists of experienced and highly-regarded attorneys, who have acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of the unique features of governmental and municipal bodies, including their unique needs in all matters relating to legal representation.

In addition to representing governmental bodies, the firm represents many commercial companies and private entities in varying and complex legal matters, including administrative petitions, petitions to the High Court of Justice, and participation in public tenders.

Key to the firm's success is its intimate knowledge of administrative law, acquired through years of experience representing governmental bodies.

Administrative litigation

Administrative decisions cover a wide range of issues and can have a significant impact on the everyday life of society and the individual. These decisions are subject to judicial oversight and review.

The administrative litigation department has many years of experience representing  clients before all of the relevant judicial instances, usually the District Court for Administrative Matters, as well as the High Court of Justice. The firm has represented clients in important and well-known cases, including precedent-setting High Court of Justice petitions.

The firm also often represents municipalities in defending their decisions, sometimes in highly-complex and sensitive cases.

The firm’s experience in administrative litigation includes both defending decisions of tender committees as well as petitioning against their decisions.