Labor law

The labor law department at CBA specializes in providing legal support to municipalities and municipal corporations, governmental companies, non-profit organizations, conurbations and private clients. The firm has rich experience in providing legal counsel in the full range of labor-law proceedings, both collective and individual.

The department staff specializes in litigating before regional and national Labor Law Courts on a range of topics, such as injunctions related to strikes, union disputes, suits relating to employment-conditions, sexual harassment claims, monetary claims, and pension eligibility claims – including evidence hearings. The department also supports municipalities in recovery plans and provides a wide range of services in any number of issues relating to employees and employment models, whether simple or complex.

The labor law department has rich, unique experience in supporting municipalities in a range of processes, including recovery plans, cost-cutting measures, and union disputes. Areas of expertise include termination proceedings (individual or across-the-board) and drafting collective agreements relating to recovery plans, cost-cutting measures and regulation of labor relations.