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Civil & Commercial Litigation

The firm's civil and commercial litigation department has many years of experience in successfully managing complex legal proceedings before all judicial instances in Israel. The department is responsible for precedent-making decisions in a number of fields and is ranked by both Israeli and international rating guides as one of Israel's strongest litigation departments.

The department specializes in all fields of civil law, including land claims, commercial disputes, monetary claims, contractual departments and torts claims. Its clients include a long list of municipalities and public bodies, as well as a variety of private and public companies.

The litigation department has acquired rich experience in a broad spectrum of fields and provides essential support to the firm's other departments when they encounter a need for quality litigation, whether as defendants, plaintiffs or to advance commercial processes.

Aside from representing commercial clients, the litigation department also has significant experience representing public bodies, including local authorities, government bodies, government ministries, municipalities, municipal companies, heads of municipalities and municipal council members.

The civil and commercial litigation department is an integral part of the firm and plays an increasingly central role in the firm's activities.

The firm's partners, who serve as arbitrators and mediators in complex commercial conflicts, are widely-respected by their peers in the legal profession and are known for their exceptional ability to manage highly-diverse arbitration and mediation proceedings in a professional manner.

The department manages many litigation proceedings that are resolved through ADR (alternative dispute resolution) instead of in court, including a wide range of commercial disputes between commercial bodies and public bodies; arbitrations related to transactions with state bodies; and disputes related to municipal taxation. 

Additionally, the firm's partners manage mediation proceedings related to large-scale suits and commercial disputes between the state, municipalities, private contractors and industry.

Civil & Commercial Litigation