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Tender Law

The firm’s tender department accompanies some of the largest-scale tenders in Israel’s national economy.

The  department prepares tenders for bodies subject to tender requirements, such as governmental ministries, municipal authorities, and governmental companies. The department specializes in preparing tenders of all types, including development and construction, real estate marketing, infrastructure, and service-provision. The department has considerable experience in DB and BOT projects as well as international tenders. The department is also experienced in RFI processes, master tenders, tenders that include a pre-qualification stage and tenders that include a bargaining stage.

The department staff provides legal support from the project's earliest stages, studying the subject in detail and working closely with the client's professional staff. Services include preparation of the tender booklet and provision of legal support in all phases of the tender, including publication and overall management. The staff provides ongoing support to tender committees, including in examining threshold conditions and selecting a bidder, and has extensive experience in preparing legal opinions on a variety of tender-related issues.

Projects That The Department Has Accompanied Include:

  • Israel Land Authority and Ministry of Construction and Housing’s "Design and Build" project for marketing a residential neighborhood in the town of Harish;

  • construction of a government campus in Nazareth Illit;  

  • construction of the "1000 Complex" in Rishon le-Zion;

  • construction of an undersea breakwater;

  • road construction for Israel Highways (Highway 2, Highway 4, Highway 38, Yagur Interchange, etc.);

  • opening a boutique hotel in one of Rishon le-Zion's municipal buildings;

  • construction of the "Rishonim complex" in Rishon le-Zion;

  • renovation of the Seven Arches Hotel in Jerusalem

The department also provides legal support to private bidders (providing, of course, no conflict of interest with the tender-publisher). Services include examining the tender, submitting clarification questions on behalf of the client, and consulting with the client as to the content of the proposal and any other aspect relating to the submission.

Tender Law