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Municipal Law

Municipal law is extremely central to the firm’s everyday practice. The firm provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary legal support to many municipalities and represents them in hundreds of judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings, including petitions before the High Court of Justice.

The firm's highly-skilled municipal law team has acquired an intimate understanding of the field, having provided ongoing legal support to municipalities for many years. Services include managing complex litigation proceedings, negotiating on behalf of municipalities, inspecting due-diligence for a variety of deals, preparing drafts, writing contracts and more.

The firm is regarded as an industry-authority in the field of municipal law. Municipalities and public bodies seek out the firm's services for its well-known experience in representing municipalities and its sophisticated understanding of the intricacies of municipal law. The firm provides its clients with a variety of services, tailoring them to suit the unique needs of municipalities.

Services include, amongst other things, drafting professional legal opinions, contract preparation, supporting commercial activity and providing representation in English. The firm also provides ongoing legal support in a variety of areas, including large projects financed by external funding; securities; anti-trust; public-companies and statutory corporations; tenders; mergers and acquisitions; privatization; administrative proceedings, and more.

Municipal Law