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Real Estate

CBA law firm is one of Israel's leading firms in the field of real estate, and the firm's real estate department has been ranked a market leader by Israeli and international rating guides since its formation.

The department specializes in providing legal counsel to a wide range of bodies active in Israel's real estate field, including contractors, real estate developers, construction and development companies, and housing companies, and supporting them in legal proceedings.

The department derives its success from its highly experienced and motivated staff, and the cumulative experience of the department’s most senior lawyers, who have handled hundreds of complex real estate legal cases.

The department provides comprehensive legal support on all real estate issues, including complex registration processes, land improvement, planning and development, expropriations, sale of properties, handling land users and accompanying infrastructure development processes.

In addition to regular real estate activities, the department has unique expertise in expropriation and eviction proceedings. The department provides legal services on these matters to local authorities, municipalities and various other public bodies, accompanying the entire process from the planning stage, to performing the actual expropriation, to handling expropriation negotiations and paying compensation.

The department manages hundreds of complex eviction cases on behalf of clients, including proceedings against unlawful possessors in preparation for land expropriation proceedings, as well as lawsuits for unauthorized use of property and demolition orders.

The firm’s real estate department is considered one of Israel's leading departments in the field of urban renewal, including Pinui v'Binui (demolition and construction) and National Outline Plan No. 38 (TaMA 38) projects, and is currently accompanying dozens of such  projects nationwide.

The department is considered a leading force in accompanying and advancing projects on behalf of municipal planning and construction committees, a matter of increasing importance to many local authorities.

Adv. Ilan Charcon, a founding partner of the firm, currently serves as the chairman of the property and land committee of the Israel Bar Association’s Tel Aviv District, one of the most important and active committees in the Israel Bar Association.

Real Estate