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In recent years, Israel's energy sector has undergone significant changes, due to the discovery of offshore natural gas deposits as well as increased government involvement in encouraging the generation of renewable energy, particularly wind energy, solar energy and pumped-energy projects.

Huge investments by both Israeli and international companies in the developing field of energy have produced complex projects of huge financial proportions as well as regulatory changes (resulting from the work of the Sheshinski Committee, environmental protection bylaws and new environmental legislation), all of which are being scrutinized by the Israeli public.

CBA law firm energy department's unique expertise in this complex field makes it a valuable asset to those interested in leading the way in the field of energy. The department's services include providing legal assistance with regulatory issues and international activity and developing effective legal strategies and solutions on behalf of clients.

The firm’s partners' extensive knowledge in the field of energy allows the energy department to provide professional, dependable and creative legal services to a wide range of clients, particularly major developers, traded public companies, and government bodies.

Adv. Ilan Charcon, one of the firm's founding partners, currently serves as the chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s infrastructure and energy committee, further evidence of the firm's impressive experience and widely-recognized reputation in this developing field.