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Urban Renewal

The firm's urban renewal department handles urban renewal projects involving some 50,000 existing and planned homes. The department represents developers, homeowners and urban renewal directorates and provides ongoing legal support to municipalities in the field of urban renewal.

The department is highly experienced in the field of urban renewal. It represents clients in complex, large-scale projects on behalf of homeowners, developers and a range of state agencies and municipalities, and provides ongoing legal support to some of the largest legal, private and institutional bodies in the market.

The department specializes in accompanying, organizing and initiating urban renewal projects, both Pinui-Binui (demolition and construction) and National Outline Plan (TaMA) No. 38/1 and 38.2  projects. The firm accompanies dozens of projects covering tens of thousands of homes, and accompanied the formation of urban renewal directorates in Tel Aviv (Ezra and Bitzron) and Bat Yam (Bat Yam beach). Today, the department provides legal support to the municipal renewal directorate in Lod and to the towns of Ramla, Lod, Ashkelon and Yehud-Monoson. The firm represented the planning and construction committees in Kiryat Ono and Givatayim in advancing the first two projects approved for Pinui-Binui.

The firm provides close legal consultation from the first stages of a project until its completion. Services include legal support for the planning procedure, advancing the project before the government authorities, drafting tenders to select a developer/contractor and handling bidding, managing negotiations and drafting a contract with the developer/contractor, accompanying and supporting the demolition and all stages of construction, supporting project financing matters, drafting financial support agreements with banks, finding occupants for the homes and registering the condominium and homeowner rights.

The firm has significant experience in accompanying developers and rights-holders in advancing plans in local and district planning committees; in advancing complex real estate projects; in expanding construction rights and utilizing them; and in advancing urban renewal plans, including via demolition and construction.

The firm also organizes professional courses relating to land law and transactions, both independently and in partnership with the Center for Local Governance. These courses are administered to professionals and senior members of local planning committees and municipalities, and to other relevant professionals. Department members frequently lecture at conferences on urban renewal and in various academic frameworks.

Urban Renewal