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Planning & Construction

CBA Law firm planning and construction department is one of the leading and most experienced departments in this field in Israel.

The department has many years of experience accompanying leading bodies in a wide range of complex and large-scale projects. The department's extensive knowledge and expertise has earned it its prestigious reputation, evidenced by consistently high rankings in Israeli and international ranking guides.

The department provides legal counsel and representation before municipalities, local planning and construction committees and private organizations, in an array of matters, including civil-planning, city construction plans, permits, fees and duties.

The department’s devoted, professional team provides legal consultation at every stage of the planning and construction process, optimizing the planning aspects of the project, providing close consultation during the entire planning process, and representing clients in legal proceedings or in proceedings before planning and construction appellate bodies.

The department has acquired particular expertise in representing clients in administrative petitions in planning and construction matters; claims under Section 197 of the Planning and Construction Law (reparations suits); and administrative appeals and civil claims on issues related to the planning process, including property-improvement duties and duty-collection.

The department provides legal counsel to municipal planning and construction committees, providing legal counsel in preparation for, and during, committee meetings; drafting legal opinions; and devising creative legal solutions to problems that arise in the course of the committee's work.

Adv. Shachar Ben-Ami, one of the firm's founding partners, serves today as the joint chairman of the Israel Bar Association's planning and construction committee, one of the most important and active committees in the Israel Bar Association.

Planning & Construction