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Non-Profit Organizations & Cooperative Societies

The law of non-profit organizations and cooperative societies touches on a wide range of issues unique to rural settlements and collective communities and often gives way to complex legal questions. Providing legal services in this field requires in-depth understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the cooperative society and its unique characteristics, and the ability to consider the interests of all members of the cooperative society.

CBA provides legal support and counsel to varying types of cooperative societies and works towards creating cooperative mechanisms that suit the goals of the cooperative society, whether in managing the society's internal affairs or its external interactions with governmental authorities and financial institutions.

Additionally, the firm provides comprehensive legal counsel to non-profit organizations throughout their lifecycle, beginning with the organization's establishment (including handling bureaucratic processes and providing guidance to senior officials); to providing comprehensive support for everyday affairs, including management and organizational issues; to managing liquidation processes.

CBA is proud to support a large number of non-profit organizations and their activities, and has on more than one occasion taken active measures – legal and commercial – to advance the organization's social goals.

Non-Profit Organizations & Cooperative Societies