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Political Parties & Elections Law

CBA law firm is Israel's leading firm in the field of elections and political parties law. Adv. Eitan Haberman, a partner in the firm, is Israel's leading attorney in this field and served for decades as head legal counsel for the Likud and Kadima parties. Adv. Haberman provides legal counsel from time to time to almost all of Israel's major political parties and has accumulated extensive, unique experience in this field.

The firm is intimately acquainted with the laws and regulations applying to political parties, including party-financing rules and restrictions, and has served both political parties and non-party entities in addressing complex questions relating to political financing.

The firm is also highly experienced in the field of elections law, and has provided ongoing legal support to a myriad of individual candidates, candidate-lists and parties in national elections, municipal elections and primary elections. The firm has considerable experience in advising on campaign-finance issues; managing a legally-sound campaign that complies with ethics rules; preparing campaign staff and ballot-observers for election day, and litigating at various stages of the elections process, including appeals of results before national courts.

Adv. Eitan Haberman has decades of experience in elections appeals and has litigated before the Supreme Court in precedent-setting cases.

The firm also has considerable experience in matters relating to coalition agreements.

Political Parties & Elections Law