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Shahar Ben-Ami

Founding Partner

"Legal 500 - "Deep Experience in Municipal Law             

Adv. Ben-Ami is one of Israel's most prominent and highly-regarded attorneys, particularly in administrative law, municipal law and planning and construction law issues. Adv. Ben-Ami has been recognized by many rating guides and legal magazines as an authority in these fields.

For example, Adv. Ben-Ami was described by the Legal 500 international rating guide as one of the leading attorneys in the projects and infrastructure field, particularly in the municipal context.

Adv. Ben-Ami has many years of experience advising on a range of issues such as city planning, tax collection, labor laws and tenders and is an expert in representing municipalities, governmental companies, local planning and construction committees and private clients in complex litigation cases.

Public activity

Adv. Ben-Ami's wide ranging legal knowledge and expertise, creative thinking and unique experience have qualified him to fill a long list of public roles, some of which have even had national importance.

Some of Adv. Ben-Ami's public activities have included:

  • Liquidator of the Hof Aza Regional Council after the Gaza disengagement plan, appointed by the Prime Minister's Office;

  • Head of the Shoham Municipal Council from 1998 to 2003;

  • Chairman of the Ayalon firefighting conurbation;

  • Chairman of the Upper Galilee East and Ashkelon Firefighting Conurbation Board of Inquiry, appointed by the Firefighting and Rescue Organization;

  • Legal advisor to the Rehovot conurbation (current);

  • Legal advisor to the Fire Chiefs Association (current);

  • Member of the Israel Democracy Institute's Public Committee to establish a "Consensual Constitution" (current);

  • Joint chairman of the Planning and Construction Committee of the Israel Bar Association (current).


  • Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1995


  • Bachelor of law (LL.B) from the Hebrew University, 1994

  • Master's degree (LL.M) in commercial law, joint program between Tel Aviv University and Berkeley University


  • Hebrew, English